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Lifestyle & Nutritional Advice

We strive to use a combination method to all aspects of life, including lifestyle and nutrition.

Dr. Cho and the team believe in an integrated approach to physical wellness, with whole body treatment that encourages lifestyle and nutritional changes, relaxation, physical and mental exercise, and positive reinforcement.

Our team will coach patients on activities they should do, avoid or do differently to avoid aggravating their particular health challenge. We set goals and work on a collaborative plan between our professionals and our patients to achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle with activities you enjoy the most.

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A Coordinated Approach to Wellness

Life is busy and stressful. While we cannot adequately stress the importance of regular exercise and proper diet, we understand that major change is difficult. But, in addition to helping our patients with posture and corrective exercises to promote healing, we emphasize diet, regular exercise, sleep, and a positive mindset with activities that suit your lifestyle.

Our culture has become increasingly sedentary. Along with job stress, modern habits can take a toll on both physical and mental health.

We see the results. A growing number of younger people are now overweight or obese. The number of people with diabetes and heart problems has grown steadily in the past couple of decades. As a society, we now consume more pills than ever before. We are, in some ways, less fit than previous generations.

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Learn about Chinese Medicine benefits

A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner practices a form of traditional complementary medicine. They are trained to diagnose and treat a range of conditions. Treatments may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, remedial massage, exercise and breathing therapy, and diet and lifestyle advice.

Additional Benefits of TCM

Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for facial anti-aging and rejuvenation, such as wrinkles reduction and facial features lifting. TCM believes that the external appearance is only a component of the organic bodily mechanism: it reflects the conditions of the inner body. Therefore, a youthful appearance–-nourished and vitalized skin, is only attainable with the abundance of vital energy flowing smoothly along the meridians, among some other factors.

Treatments may take the form of acupuncture, Qigong healing, and TCM herbal formulas in the convenient form of dried herbal powder. Each of these components can work as a stand-alone treatment, but also be combined to complement each other holistically.

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